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The first thing that confuses potential UNISA students is what the difference between UNISA application and registration is.  It is big distinction, and until you understand this you will be confused about when you are supposed to register and when you are supposed to apply.

We will help you to understand how to apply at UNISA, and what the UNISA application dates are so that you apply at the right time.

We will keep giving you great information about getting ready to apply, how to cope you when are a student, and what resources there are out there to help you.


Useful resources to help you study

If you want to know where to go to buy textbooks, or study notes – we supply useful links and information on where your best bet might be.  We heard a rumor there is a new student classifieds coming to town soon – so watch this space to find out more!

Need help with your studies?  We can recommend tutors and helpful tools and platforms that will ensure you can ace your studies.


Together We Pass

Have you heard of Together We Pass?  We are big fans.  Together We Pass has been helping students since 2008, and are the experts on what students want and need to get them through their qualifications.

You can get help all term from the Together We Pass tutors who manage their study groups by paying the low once off joining fee.  Or you can buy an exam pack or a set of study notes.  We can see how much they help students, and we think that what they do is really super.  If you want to contact Together We Pass just read this page.

Together We Pass has recently launched their UNISA exam packs that any UNISA student will be very excited to hear about!


We bring  you everything!

We interview people, and write blogs and information pages to bring you great information that helps you take your step into the world of being a university student.  Got there already?  We will help you find everything you need to succeed at those students.

Varsity Buzz aims to be the number 1 resource for any current or future student.

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Last updated: October 15, 2017