Study Partners

A list of study partners and organisations that will help you with your studies! Tutors, online study groups and much more. Do you know of any others?

Together We Pass

Together We Pass logoTogether We Pass offers UNISA students an assignment comparison tool, past paper revision opportunities, a large library of study resources and lively discussion forums. The assignment comparison tool helps students compare their answers with others in a cheat free environment and also allows for discussion around problem areas. Read more about Together We Pass.



Stuvia's LogoStarted in 2010 at a Dutch university by two idealistic young men, Stuvia was born out of a dream to provide a place where students could exchange self-written study material and earn money at the same time. By creating a digital study community Stuvia hoped to help students learn and earn at the same time. Students immediately grabbed the opportunities Stuvia offered them in the Netherlands. Stuvia now hopes to be able to help students across Europe in the same way.

Student Village

student village logoAre you a student hungry for information that is not found in a textbook? Well, we have everything you need to be the most updated student on your campus! Wanna know what’s happening with your favourite celebrities, or how to deal with study stress? How about needing a place to meet new people and chat? Student village has it all! We engage with students from all over South Africa! We cover all the Universities! Like us on Facebook or are you more of a Twitter kinda person? Then follow us on Twitter @svillage and become part of the student movement now!