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The Twitter chat takes place each Wednesday night at 9pm.  It’s easy to join –

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TheRoomLink.co.za is profile based which matches renters and rooms based on their requirements. The matching engine delivers matches directly to your email inbox, and allows you to contact landlords and renters directly. Best of all, it is FREE to use, and we can even help get your listing up! For more information, email us at info@theroomlink.com or text QUOTE & your email address to 32545.

StudentView helps students


Our “StudySmart” resources reveal the best and latest study hacks and techniques that will save you hundreds of hours. Want to study less, party more and increase your marks? Then you’ve come to the right place. These study techniques are backed up by science and have been sourced from academic experts and super students such as Cal Newport and Scott Young. Also, find real-life university reviews in our “Universities” section.

Together We Pass Online Study Groups for UNISA students


Together We Pass offers an online social learning service to UNISA students. We believe that our peer-to-peer social learning study groups are a great and cost effective way for UNISA students to get the support they need to pass. We believe that every UNISA student can improve their understanding and their marks if the discuss their courses, collaborate on assignments/ exam revision and share their study resources.

Free Study Technique App


Anxiety, stress, sleepless nights, unexplainable memory loss moments before you need to write an exam… These are all the symptoms being experienced by millions of students and learners all around the globe on a daily basis. But if you think this is the rule, think again. This should be the exception. At StudyTechniques® we are addressing the core problem: Students don’t know HOW to study, and more importantly, they are never TOLD how to study. So, what can we do to change that injustice? Read more for a step-by-step how to study and how to study SMARTER.