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A list of study resources that will help you on your study journey. Do you know of any others? Tell us in the comment section!

A Guide To Studying With UNISA

Free UNISA Guide

Advice on distance learning, studying, planning, motivation, finances, and the tricky art of surviving a UNISA degree. Also, enjoy an index of contacts for UNISA, to help you navigate your way through the different departments that you may need help from. A very useful addition to any UNISA students life!

Unisa Exam Tips

Unisa Exam Tips

Unisa exam tips for FAC3703 that apply to almost all Unisa exams. Provided by a generous, professional, UNISA student; Many students have found this helpful and have gained extra marks by following this advice!

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Anxiety, stress, sleepless nights, unexplainable memory loss moments before you need to write an exam… These are all the symptoms being experienced by millions of students and learners all around the globe on a daily basis. But if you think this is the rule, think again. This should be the exception. At StudyTechniques® we are addressing the core problem: Students don’t know HOW to study, and more importantly, they are never TOLD how to study.

How to write study notes

How to write study notes from Stuvia

Making effective study notes is a great time saver, and as they say: time is money, so listen up for a sec and lets break this ‘how to write study notes’ thing down a bit. The process is logical and straight forward so don’t be daunted.

How to Study Smart

Keep calm and study smart

It’s got nothing to do with being smart or working hard. Successful students know how to learn. Mastering the art of learning is the only thing you need to do. Research shows that learning how to learn is the key that separates the best students from the less successful ones. In researching extraordinary learners, we have found the most effective methods to study that will get you to your goals in the quickest time while requiring the least work.

Exam Technique Advice

Yvonne Venter's logo

Exam techniques provided by Yvonne Venter. She is an experienced CA(SA) and focuses on lecturing, training and developing future CA(SA)’s. Her experiences and challenges during her studies and articles taught her the value of relevant information, guidance and mentors. This, together with her interaction with students and young professionals has left her with a passion for guiding others through the challenging path to qualification.