Together We Pass Contact Details

Together We Pass is can help you pass if you are studying with UNISA, doing an ICB qualification or studying for your matric.  Together We Pass also allows private colleges to offer study groups to their own students, with their own lecturers managing the study groups.  This page will give you all the Together We Pass contact details you need to get in touch, and get the help you deserve.


Together We Pass Contact Details


Contact Info

Support 021 838 8251
Facebook: Together We Pass on Facebook
Twitter: @TogetherWePass


If you want to visit their offices in Cape Town here is the address:

 Together We Pass contact details

Unit 53B, Mega Park
C/o Peter Barlow Drive & Robert Sobukwe Road
Bellville South


Together We Pass contact details for UNISA students


If you are studying with UNISA you will want to know all about Together We Pass.  They have been helping UNISA students pass since 2008, and have helped over 20,000 students in their time.  Their awesome study groups can give you the boost you need to get qualified in a truly cost effective way.

Together We Pass premium groups have lecturers that are in the study group every day!  That means that for the small registration free you have access to a tutor every day for SIX MONTHS!  You also get study notes, exam packs and help with your assignments (CHEAT FREE – they will not just give you the answer, so don’t ask them to!!).

Click this link if you want to browse the Together We Pass study groups for UNISA students.


Together We Pass contact details for ICB students


Did you know that we offer private study groups for the past 3 years that any student studying ICB can join?  These are run by the Skills Academy lecturers, who are both highly qualified and highly experienced.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand to keep you motivated, and to explain a concept when you get stuck. Together We Pass can be that support.  Not only can you speak to a tutor, but you can also talk to hundreds of other students studying the same course as you.  This is really helpful for students who are studying through distance learning, but even students who study in a classroom sometimes need that extra help when they are working through their homework in the evenings.

Whether you are studying through distance learning or in a classroom join Together We Pass for that extra helping hand.

If you want to get that extra tutoring so that you can pass your ICB exams then browse the ICB study groups here.


Together We Pass contact details for Matric students


Are you worried that you are not getting enough help at school?  Do you want some extra tutoring, some friendly advice and a group of like minded students all concerned about doing well so that they can get qualified?

Matric is a highly pressured year as your matric results determine the university you will get into.

Even if you are not going to university this is the results you will use to get your first job, or qualify for college.

Everyone can do with some extra help in this highly stressful environment.

Browse the matric study groups here.

We have study groups for the following matric subjects:


We highly recommend you get in touch with Together We Pass so that you can get the help you deserve in your studies this year.


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Last updated: October 14, 2017