Together We Pass UNISA exam packs

If you have ever studied at UNISA you will know that as it gets closer to UNISA exam times everyone gets very pre-occupied with finding UNISA exam packs!


What is an Exam Pack?

And exam packs is a document that gives you guidance on how to pass the upcoming exam.

It usually contains answers to past papers, but not always as some departments do not allow past papers to be given to students.  In these cases you might get guidance on areas to cover, exam scope, or additional questions to do to test your knowledge.
For UNISA students the exam packs are an obsession because it is the last time you can check if you know your stuff to pass the exam.  You might have the exam paper but how do you know how you would do if you don’t also have the answers.

Together We Pass UNISA Exam Packs


Together We Pass UNISA exam packs

Together We Pass has been supplying UNISA students with exam packs in their study groups for a number of years.  For the first time however they have now started offering these as a separate item that you can buy even if you don’t choose to join the study group.

You can find out what subjects have exam packs buy going to the Together We Pass shop and entering your course code into the search bar at the top of the page.  Once you finish typing in the course codes there will appear all the items you can buy – this can be a study group, study notes and/ or an exam pack.


How much does an Exam Pack cost at Together We Pass?

The exam packs are priced very reasonably in our opinion.  They cost R200 each, and you can ask the staff for a discount if you buy two or more products.

So make sure you ask Together We Pass for your discount before you buy!


What subjects has Together We Pass UNISA exam packs?

Together We Pass is releasing exam packs throughout the end of term in 2017.  At the time of writing the following exam packs had been released:

  1. AIN2601   
  2. ECS1601
  3. FAC1501
  4. FAC1601Together We Pass UNISA Exam Packs
  5. MNG3701
  6. TAX2601
  7. MAC2601
  8. IOS2601
  9. CRW2601
  10. HRM2601
  11. HRM3701
  12. ILW1501         


Want more than an Exam Pack?

If you want more than just an exam pack then consider joining a Together We pass study group.  In a Together We Pass study group you will get all of the following included in the price:

A TWP lecturer to help you

Study notes written by your lecturer

An exam pack two weeks before the exam


Participation from students

One problem that Together We Pass seems to have regularly is the fact that although students pay for their study groups and can then get help with assignments and up to date exam packs the students do not send in the resources to make this possible!

If you do join make sure that you download the tutorial letters and the recent past papers and supply these to your lecturer.  This will mean you can get help in time, and on the right subject material.


Last updated: November 8, 2017