Together We Pass – Helping Distance Learning Students since 2008

Together We Pass is often described as Facebook for students. And its true, it does have many features similar to Facebook, such as the activity feed, “friend-ing” and sending private messages.


However, Together We Pass also nurtures home study students. They offer advice, have written books and gives study tips. They create resources themselves to help students pass, which is available to anyone – not just paying customers.


They see themselves as any students study partner – the helping hand that makes sure you can pass.


Together We Pass historyTogether We Pass


Together We Pass version one was created in 2008. At that stage it was through a Yahoo email account, and an excel spreadsheet! How far this service has come.


Tabitha Bailey, the Founder, CEO until 2014 and currently Director and Shareholder started the study groups from a beach in Thailand. This rather romantic setting was the key to why the groups were started in the first place.


Tabitha was writing her BCom from Thailand. Studying with UNISA is difficult at the best of times. You get little or no support form UNISA itself, and you truly do need to find other students to study with if you want any help at all.


Tabitha created her own online study group for the subjects she was studying and worked with students around the world to make sure she passed her subjects.


She realized that there was something in her technique, and in July 2008 she decided to see if anyone would want it as a paid service. And that, as they say, was that! She went from 130 students, to 600 to over 3,000 students a year.


In 2012 she grew so fast that she had to find a way to automate, otherwise she would never be able to scale. In the end she built the online platform we see today.


Together We Pass study groups


So what exactly does Together We Pass offer? It offers online study groups for UNISA, Matric and other home study students. They bring students together so that they can learning from each other, and get help from expert lectures so that all students can pass, and get qualified.


What is a study group?


A study group is when a group of students study together so that they can learn from each other. Traditionally this was face to face, but as technology improved and students begin to be scattered around the globe many study groups are now online.


When students work together in this way it is called Social Learning.


What is social learning


Social learning, also known as peer to peer learning, is when students use the power of the group to increase to the learning of each individual in the group.


Also remember what of the best ways to learn is to teach a concept to someone else. Not only does it clarify your thinking on the concept, but it keeps it in your mind for longer so there is a better chance of recall in the exam.


Why together We Pass study groups?


Together We Pass study groups take the burden off the student to manage their own study group. Finding a group of like minded students who are in the same vicinity and can meet at the same time week after week can be a real challenge. Together We Pass does that for you.


They also offer real help from lecturers in many of their study groups. So when you are stuck you have an expert to ask. They guide you through the material, remind you of key dates like assignment submission of final exam.


This facilitated study group from people who have been running study groups for thousands of students over almost a decade bring a huge amount of benefit to every student who joins the study group.


Together We Pass offering


Together We Pass offers study groups for home study students. Depending on which study group you join you may have a lecturer, notes written by a subject experts, exam packs and a number of other products to prepare you to pass your qualification.


Here are some of the key features in the Together We Pass website that are all aimed at giving extra help to home study students.


Together We Pass activity feed


The Together We Pass activity feed is where most students engage. When you first log into your study group it is the page that you land on. It shows you all activity that has occurred in your study group, such as posts made, or new members joining.


Any study can also post a comment directly onto the activity feed. Most students use this section to ask for study help. Or other support, like asking if an assignment was received by their college.


Together We Pass discussion forums


Students and lecturers can create specific topics to discuss. This is usually around specific study topics. But there is often a “motivation” section as well, and anybody can create whatever topic they think is relevant.


Together We Pass assignment comparison


The Together We Pass assignment comparison tool was designed and developed to help UNISA students. Matric and other home study students do not have as much need for this tool.


What this tool does it allows students to compare and discuss assignment questions, all of this without cheating. I know that sounds like an impossibility, but this team has managed it.


You cannot see the answers until you submit your own. And then you se what percentage of students agree or disagree with your answers. If there is no consensus you create a discussion in the forum at the click of a button.


Together We Pass resources


Together We Pass has been enabling UNISA students to share their study resources for the past 8 years. This means they have built up an incredible resource for these UNISA students.


In the past year Together We Pass has removed all UNISA resources, such as past papers and tutorial letters at the insistence of UNISA. This is unfortunate for students, who all want such a useful resource to remain available.


To counter balance this Together We pass has created their own study notes and exam packs for many of the tops subjects.


Together We Pass is also selling these notes and exam packs as individual products now, outside of the study groups.  Just search your subjects in their online shop to see what they have for your subject.


For Matric students you can download past papers and notes. This will be added to as Together We pass becomes expert in this new subject matter that they have only recently ventured into.


For other home study students the resource library has whatever the college lectures have added for their students. The groups are run and managed by the specific college, in partnership with together We Pass.


Remember that UNISA has no affiliation with Together We Pass at all. However, colleges like Skills Academy or TWP Academy has their own lectures managing the study groups on the Together We Pass platform. That means students have direct access to the lecturers from the college where they have registered for their qualification.


Together We Pass notifications


Together We Pass notifications come in the form of emails. If there is a post on the website in your study group you get an email telling you about it.


You can choose if you want an email every time someone posts, a daily digest, a weekly digest or if you really prefer never.


The website gives a link back to the post, and a small summary of what was said. If you think you want to read more you click on the link. You do need to be logged in though, so this can be confusing. If it does not take you to your study group, first log into the website. Then go back to the email and click on the link again.


Together We Pass published


It is a little known fact that Together We Pass actually had a book published! In partnership with Paperight together We Pass published the book “Now What? A guide to studying at UNISA”.


The book was published under open commons licensing.  Open commons mean that is free. You can get a free PDF copy from the Together We Pass website. We have read the book, and can truly say that it is a wonderful resource for any student.


Together We Pass in the press


Together We Pass has been mentioned quite frequently in the press. The book that was published garnered a fair amount of attention at the time.


They have also been noticed for the really innovative software they have built to help students. Tabitha Bailey was named one of the Top 50 Movers and Shakers in Ed Tech (Education Technology) in the world in 2016. This award was voted by such august institutions as Google, and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.


They were recently mentioned a number of times for their launch of study groups for Matric students.


We are keeping an eye on this company, and cant wait to see what they do next!


Want to know more?  Read this interview with staff member at Nazli Botha from Together We Pass.


TWP Academy


Did you know that Together We Pass has their own private distance learning College?  TWP Academy was launched by Together We Pass in 2015, and offers a range of high quality, fully accredited business qualifications.

All of the TWP Academy programmes are accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), as a partner of QCTO SETA.  All the qualifications certifications are from FASSET SETA, which means they are nationally recognised.

TWP Academy offers programs in:



Contact Together We Pass



If you want to contact Together We Pass please read our Together We Pass contact details page.  You can contact Together We Pass via email or give them a call.  You won’t regret letting them help you with your studies.





Last updated: October 14, 2017