UNISA Application and Registration

Many people get very confused about how to apply at UNISA, and the first thing that they stumble over is UNISA application and UNISA registration. Understanding UNISA Application and Registration process is key to a successful application to study at UNISA.


UNISA Application

Before you can study at UNISA you need to apply to find out if they will accept you as a student.

It is quite a long, complicated process, and you need to figure out what to study on your own – no one at UNISA is going to assist you with this.  So you need to be able to find the calendar, work out what you want to study.  UNISA very much relies on every student being able to study on their own without help from the university.  This includes help with the application process!

We have written an article here on how to apply at UNISA.

It takes around 4 to 6 months from application to find out if you are accepted, and then you need to register the specific subjects you wish to study at the university

UNISA Application and Registration


UNISA Registration

UNISA registration is when you actually choose what subjects you are going to study next.

Again you need to figure this out on your own, and be able to ensure that you know the order in which you study, and what all the subjects are that you need to do to complete your qualification.

Some subjects have pre-requisites, which means you have to study and pass particular subjects before you are allowed to take the next subject.

During UNISA registration, which happens twice per year in December and January, and then June and July, you use your online portal to choose your subjects.   You need to pay the deposit amount, and make sure you pay the remainder by the date set by the university.


How long does it take from application to starting to study?

If you get in it takes around 4 to 6 months from when you apply to when you start studying.

You need to keep in mind that if you apply you need to register in the next semester after your acceptance or you will have to apply all over again.  So be sure that you are serious and can study immediately if you apply.  It is a very long and difficult process so don’t start down that road unless you are 100% sure you can study right away.


Last updated: November 8, 2017